Bureau Of Census


  • Field Representative,
  • Field Leaders and Field Supervisors,
  • Office Clerks,
  • Decennial Test Site Positions.

Duties: As a Census employee you will collect data surveys which cover a wide range of topics, such as population trends, unemployment estimates, construction activity, crime, income, health, housing, and business. Depending on the position, you could be performing administrative work, traning or other work related to Census.

Salary range:  $10.57 to $15.42  Per Hour

Deadline to apply: December 31, 2015
Applications can be  ELECTRONICALLY filed.


(1) U.S. Citizenship

(2) Must pass a background investigation

(3) Must be 18 years or older

(4) Have a valid Driver’s License and vehicle

(5) Pass the Field Representative testing

(6) Must be registered with selective service(if applicable)

(7) Additional requirements may be required to be hired.

Work Location:

Throughout the U.S.

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