New York City Deputy Sheriff


Duties: Deputy Sheriffs  with the City Of New York Sheriffs Office are responsible for executing and enforcing mandates and orders resulting from litigation, issued from local or State Courts. They sometimes enforce orders from courts of other states, the federal government or foreign countries. They duties also include executing process where as  they seize money or property pursuant to writs, warrants, garnishments and other valid court orders. They also  issue summonses and complaints, subpoenas, citations, petitions, orders or other papers. They also perform other law enforcement duties as required.

Starting Salary :  $32,095    Per Year
Top Pay is :           $80,788 per year (Upon completing 5 1/2 years of service).

Deadline to apply: September 27, 2016

Education and Experience Requirements:

By the time you are appointed to this position, you must have:

1. a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; or

2. a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and two years of honorable full-time U.S. military service or two years of satisfactory, full-time professional or paraprofessional experience in law enforcement, civil enforcement, criminal justice, law, accounting, auditing, investigation, public administration, business administration, or a closely related field; or

3. a satisfactory combination of education and/or experience that is equivalent to “1″ or “2″ above.

College education can be substituted for the required experience in “2″ above on the basis that each 30 semester credits is equated to six months of experience. However, all candidates must have a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent.

Appointment Qualifications

To be appointed, candidates who have met the above requirements must also:

  • Pass  a written exam.
  • Pass a qualifying physical test.
  • Pass a drug screening in order to be appointed.
  • Pass Background investigation.
  •  You must have reached your 18th birthday by the time of appointment
  • You must be able to understand and be understood in English.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license at the time of the appointment.
  •  Pass Medical and Psychological Requirements.
  • Must be a resident of the City of New York or of Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland, or Putnam counties.


Work Location:

New York City

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To apply: Click here

4 thoughts on “New York City Deputy Sheriff

  1. would you by any chance have knowledge of when the listing would be posted of those who passed the exam?Along with how long until they will start the process?

    1. Hi Dallas, I don’t know the answer to that question. If i get any information I will pass it along.

    1. Hi Robert, NYC Deputy Sheriffs are Peace Officers(law Enforcement Officers). They have arrest authority throughout New York State as do other Law Enforcement officers and can retire after 25 years of service. However, their jurisdiction is limited to NYC just like the NYPD. Starting Salary is: $32,095 Per Year. Top Pay is: $80,788 per year (Upon completing 5 1/2 years of service).

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