Park Police

Exams Included on This Announcement
26-164 Park Police Officer Trainee $55,179 Equated to G-13
26-165 Park Police Officer Trainee (Spanish Language) $55,179 Equated to G-13

Police Officers with New York State Park Police  are responsible for enforcing State and local Laws . 

Starting Salary : $55,179 per year.

Deadline to apply:  October 05, 2016



On or before November 19, 2016, you must have completed or expect to complete 60 college semester credit hours. You cannot be appointed until you submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirements to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Substitution: Two years of active military service with an honorable discharge may be substituted for 30 of the 60 college semester credit hours.
Applications can be  ELECTRONICALLY filed.

Requirements to be appointed:

(1) U.S. Citizenship required

(2) Must have a background investigation

(3) Must have a valid State Driver’s License

(4) You must be at least 20 years of age at time of appointment and not older than 35 years as of the date when the applicant takes the written examination.

(5)New York State residency at the time of appointment, but not required for taking the test.

(6) Additional requirements required to be hired.

Work Location:

Vacancies exist throughout the state. 

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