Probation Officer – Federal

Duties:  Probation Officers with the U.S. Courts are responsible for Conducting investigations and preparing reports for the Court which includes recommendations for the sentencing of defendants convicted of federal offenses. Officers are also responsible for supervising defendants placed on probation by Federal courts. Probation Officers are Federal law Enforcement Officers.  This is only a partial list of the duties of Federal Probation Officers.

Salary range: $52,809 to $102,917 Per Year

Deadline to apply:  Friday, February 27, 2015
Applications can be  ELECTRONICALLY filed.


(1) U.S. Citizenship required

(2) Bachelor’s degree

(3) Must have a background investigation

(4) You must not be older than 37 at the time of appointment.

(5) Two years specialized experience, including at least one year equivalent to work at a lower level officer.

(6) Pass written test

(7) Pass medical exam and drug testing.

(8) Additional requirements required to be hired.

Work Location:

Vacancies exist in
New York, NY

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