Security Officer – New York State

Duties: Security Officers are responsible for protecting occupants of buildings or offices. Monitor and maintain security systems and/or conduct scheduled rounds to control access to buildings and restricted areas.  Enforcing security rules and  to detect and prevent theft, damage, accident, trespass and sabotage.  This is just a brief summary of the duties perform for this position. 

Starting Salary:  $33,959 Per Year

Deadline to apply: February 11, 2015
Applications can be  ELECTRONICALLY filed.


(1) Legally eligible to work in the U.S

(2) Must have a background investigation

(3) Must have a valid NY State  Driver’s License for some positions

(4) Pass a writen test.

(5)  Physical and medical exams

(6) On or before March 28, 2015, you must have a New York State Security Guard Registration Number or a current Security Guard Photo         ID issued by the New York State Department of State. You must also have 

Either 1. six months of post-Security Guard Registration experience as a Security Guard;

Or 2. six months of experience as a police officer or peace officer;

Or 3. six months of active service and an Honorable Discharge from the United States military where you performed security duties on a United States military base or vessel. Security duties on a United States military base or vessel include working as military police or as security personnel performing foot and motorized patrol, control of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, flight line security, and crime prevention/physical security.

(7) Additional requirements required to be hired.

Work Location:

Vacancies exist in the following agencies and the vacancies are as follows: State Education Department: Albany (14), Bronx (1), and Brooklyn (1); Department of Health: Albany (1); Workers’ Compensation Board: Harlem (2), Brooklyn (1), Hauppauge (3), Menands (3), Hempstead (2), Buffalo (3), Binghamton (1), Syracuse (1), and Peekskill (1); Department of Labor: Brooklyn (1), New York (2), Patchoque (1), Syracuse (1), Buffalo (1), Albany (1), and Spanish Language/New York (1); Department of Motor Vehicles: Jamaica (1), Harlem (1), Queens (1), Staten Island (1), and Spanish Language/Queens (1).

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