Security Services Assistant 1

Job Title: Security Services Assistant 1

Agency:   Multiple New York State Agencies

Duties:   Security Services Assistants 1  for the  State of New York  are responsible for  enforcing building regulations, maintaining order and providing directions to visitors in State facilities. They may conduct foot patrols of buildings and their surrounding areas. Control access to buildings and offices and secure windows and doors. Monitor and maintain building access and security equipment and service firefighting equipment . These are only a partial listing of all the duties performed.

Starting Salary: The current minimum salary is $31,231 per year.

Application Deadline:  December 22, 2015

Job Locations:
These positions are available in throughout New York State.

(1)On or before February 6, 2016, you must be currently registered as a Security Guard
by the New York State Department of State.
(2)Pass open competitive exam.
(3)Drivers’ License for certain positions.
(4) Physical and medical exam.

For more information or to apply for exam click here.

NOTE: When filing your application, you must include your Security Guard registration number, the date it was first issued and the date it expires in the appropriate spaces on your application. Failure to do so will disqualify you from this test.


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