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(1)Eastern U.S Store Worker

These positions are with the the  Defense Commissary Agency. Starting salary is $10.68 to $24.49 Per Hour. Positions are available throughout the country. Deadline to apply is Monday, December 1, 2014.


(2)Police Officer – (Suffolk County and Local Jurisdictions) 

Police Officer (Spanish speaking)

These Police Officer positions are with Suffolk County and local jurisdictions. Starting salary for County officers is $42,000 and rises to $111,506. The salary varies for local jurisdictions. Deadline to apply is 4-1-15.


(3)Criminal Investigator -DEA Agent
As a DEA Special Agent, you will be Conducting complex narcotics/drug related criminal investigations and making arrests as required. Salary range:  $38,895 to $55,969 Per Year. An additional compensation rate of 25% will be added to your locality salary for Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP). Deadline to apply is  Thursday, October 2, 2014.


(4)Child Protective Specialist
These  positions are with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services. Starting salary is $42,797. See announcement for walk-in testing dates . Deadline to apply is  Closed.

(5)Environmental Police Officer
 These Police Officer positions are with the NYC Department. Of Environmental Protection. Walk-in testing is held Mondays. Positions are located outside of New York City. Starting salary is $25,631 and rises to $44,742 after 6 years. Deadline to apply is Closed.


(6)Emergency Medical Technician
 Suffolk county is offering an exam for  Emergency Medical Technician. Application deadline is continuous filing.


(7) Temporary Bridge & Tunnel Officer
MTA – Bridges and Tunnels  is hiring Temporary Bridge And Tunnel
Oficers (Toll Collector). Salary is $12.85 per hour.


(8) Traffic Enforcement Agent
These  positions are with the NYPD. Some Traffic Enforcement Agents are designated Special Patrolman (Peace Officer). Starting salary is $29,217. Walk-in testing is held daily except on Sundays. Deadline to apply is 10-31-14



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